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  •           After a comprehensive and innovative design Eco soles, non-toxic, removable, recyclable and does not contain a binder, in compliance with all environmental protection energy-saving ideas.
  •           Sold on the market most of the footwear products are made of toxic adhesive bottom fixed. Despite today's manufacturing processes and production technology has improved to a certain extent, but have to admit, most of the shoes are made in a relatively low-paid workers, poor working conditions, the finished. Toxic adhesive to their health constitutes a serious threat. More importantly, however, the binder added is not conducive to the individual components shoes recycling.
  •           The new Eco sole environmental pollution, which consists of two outer end spliced ​​composition. The end use, the two parts can be separated in order to facilitate recycling. Eco outsole made ​​of natural rubber, Central District by RevLite special damping material composition
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What's cushion soles

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What's cushion soles

  •             One kind of air cushion soles, the use of gas and the interaction between the air in the shoe between the bottom plate and the upper plate of the air to generate the appropriate amount of deformation when walking to absorb and mitigate the impact of the human body, and stable walking posture when walking long distances in large part to reduce the resulting fatigue. The air cushion sole comprising: a plurality of vertical holes containing the first cushion body front room。
  •          By a plurality of vertical holes with different body composed of a second after the air chamber; connecting said front chamber and a rear chamber and in a first side and a second air passage connecting portion; and, for covering epithelium and under the skin.
  • The outsole of jogging shoes is very important for runner to choose, do you know enough about your jogging shoe soles?Ok ,so let me talk about the brands jogging shoe soles , you can make it a reference next time you buy shoes.
  • NEW BALANCE is said to be the most resistant outsole,MIZUNO's X10 is also good, ASICS AHAR  compared to the first two is not a ideal choise . NIKE outsole less wear .
    EVA MD These are the shoes midsole cushioning material ...... is the most important part ...... jogging shoes, the most used is a modified version of EVA and EVA ...... not the same for each brand running shoes such as ASICS is SPEVA and SOLYTE ...... MIZUNO is ap ...... BROOKS is S257, ADIDAS is LITESTRIKE , depends on the specific own feelings  
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Soccer shoe soles classification

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SG: Soft Ground (soft venue), applied to the surface soft or very soft (or muddy) grass, the general is the professional race.

FG: Firm Ground (rigid venue), applied to the surface relatively stiff grass, referred to as "pasture", laying a good artificial turf field also applies FG. Note that I say here is the establishment of "very good" artificial turf field, generally hard to find.FG studs are mostly dominated by long plastic nails, and thus also known as "spikes." General professional game, according to the different levels of the venue soft, players will be selected in SG and FG appropriate shoes.

HG: Hard Groud (hard space), the venue for a hard surface, such as the surface is dirt or gravel grounds, referred to as "hard." Generally speaking, HG is more like SG and FG fans version: lookalike, but the material is poor; also have spikes, but the spikes is relatively short, more, so HG is also known as the "short nails" or "secret nail. "Better "artificial pastures, you can try using HG.

TF: Turf (laying artificial turf field), which is commonly known as "broken nail." "Broken nails" is the all-around football shoes, and then abuse the artificial grass can adapt.

IN: Indoor (indoor venues), applicable only to the smooth polished indoor venues. The wooden floor in the gym playing with soft grass in the outdoor play is a big difference, if wear "spikes", do stop turning when the power will be concentrated in a few individual nail foot pole, so that sole contact with the ground surface to reduce, it will easily slip or fall. So IN mostly flat design

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 03:32

What is Artificial Rubber Soles of Shoes

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What is Artificial Rubber Soles

  •         Artificial rubber soles can be divided hard bottom and soft bottom, such as tennis shoes on hard ground, suitable for cement or terrazzo, soft bottom were designed to fight PU site. The current site of badminton concrete, wood, and PU site, on a site in the cement case Shuaidie such things from happening, the situation is more often than wood and PU site seriously, it is not suitable as a venue.
  •          As for the wood and PU site is different, Wooden relatively easy game players due to moisture or sweat flowing down causing slippery site, and PU site, although with Wooden similar degree of flexibility, but the PU with shock-absorbing capacity, the international competitions are
     taken PU Going to do the venue.
Sunday, 09 February 2014 15:14

Is badminton shoes outsole too thin?

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Is badminton shoes outsole too thin?

  • Actualy not thin, it has a layer of raw rubber to slip anti-friction, wear-resistant than ordinary shoes to many
  • Good badminton shoes can make you keys GALILEO, select the attention soles preferably tendon at the end, so it would be better toughness, suitable for indoor sports. If outside, you can choose advanced synthetic rubber soles, with good results. Badminton shoe soles mostly from the raw rubber or artificial rubber synthesis, raw rubber soles due to strong grip so suitable for wood venues, so volleyball shoes are shoes when dual exhaust plume. However, different brands of shoes will cause the production process, the raw rubber powder doped excessive proportion of the hard soles, and not long after playing nothing to wear will be very slippery soles

What is GOOD badminton shoe soles like

Sunday, 09 February 2014 15:14

Light Hiking Shoe soles system

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Light Hicking Shoe soles

  •         If you are a like people walking in the mountains, carrying a 10 kg bag, walking in the general terrain, your feet need much stable support it? Key will light dress shoe line is designed in accordance with these requirements.
  •        For those traveling light key Walker run, supportive shoes only minimum requirements, are more concerned about the shoe lightweight, this series is only slightly heavier than running shoes, there is generally a good running shoes do not have the grip, durability, stability and protection.
  •        Ash layer: medium-density EVA midsole die casting, flexibility and light weight.
  •       Yellow layer: high-density-density EVA heel casting sheet, on the one hand can withstand the impact of uneven pavement trails can also be split in a layer of impact in the end.
  •        Outsole: replace the traditional end of a big tradition, but will be divided into several pieces and then implanted midsole, and its distribution in major stress points. This method eliminates the grassroots level, only the weight of running shoes, hiking shoes, but has as a general rough shading.

POD sole system

Sunday, 09 February 2014 15:13

Trail sports shoe soles

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Trail Sport Shoe Soles

  • Suitable for a variety of outdoor sports such as: daily walking, super lightly armed Key Row, adventure tourism, of course, also be used as everyday sandals. Flexible as running shoes, such as sandals clever, but its stability supportive but also competent Mountain key row. As mountain running shoes, its grip and durability are generally running shoes do not have.
  • G3 + keel system
  • 01 A soft, lightweight, high shock-absorbing EVA midsole casting into a disk shape, and enhance stability. 
    02. The keel bottom bracket with high-strength light weight of the TPU material. Narrow longitudinal ribs, the longitudinal bending have flexibility brisk walking on a flat surface naturally. Care of lateral stiffness, you can play a supporting role in the rugged mountain road, fully protect feet. 
    03. Outsole shading interval width, angular edges ensure a hard surface skid resistance
Sunday, 09 February 2014 15:13

Hiking shoe soles

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Trail-Hike keel system

  • Scope: Lightweight hiking boots

    Original keel system, has gradually become Lightweight shoe technology.
    01. Midsole made ​​of high density, light weight, flexible disk-shaped die EVA material, surrounded feet to ensure stability.
  • 02. Midsole supporting plate from light and flexible TPU hard plastic by the system. Hollowed out in the middle of the heel, the heel in contact with a soft and comfortable feeling, so the above midsole cushioning and better play. Pull the edge, increasing the resistance to twisting and shoes wrap your feet and reduce twisting when followed to reduce sprains opportunities. In the forefoot sole role is to take care of the most vulnerable part of the arch. Fishbone forefoot at the foot of the physiological structure designed to meet the characteristics of the longitudinal bending soft, while the horizontal is stiff, regardless of the shoe on a flat surface or rugged trails are lightweight and flexible.
  •                                                                                                                  Profiles
  • 03. Designed to be lightweight and designed for high performance hiking shoe sole, which is characterized by light weight, flexible, and stable for the general road skid resistance. More responsive to the pace of radial shading angle of twists and turns, walking more flexible. Widened slightly in the palm portion and increase the stability of the ground.
Sunday, 09 February 2014 15:12

Rock shoe soles System

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Professional rock shoe soles System-D2 (Duomont 2) 

Outsole System

  • 01 Carbon Fiber Insole: very light but with robust performance to meet the requirements of extreme mountaineering.
  • 02. Heel bracket: Effective fixed crampons.03.PU heel cushion insert: dispersion of the heel impact, especially in the case of heavy load. PU heel insert from glass fiber mat to toe insert pad: There is a wide profile, concave and smooth.
  • 04. The front of the shoe outsole rubber Baotou even as one, to avoid the kick, bump causing the front of the shoe cracking. Sole pattern designed to meet the professional climbers and force-slip characteristics.
  • For example: Mountain Guide Carbo
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