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Outole tortuous test experiment

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Experimental determination of the sole material to withstand repeated tortuous twists and turns of the resistance, is particularly suitable for the sole including the sole structure. When tested in non-slip tread soles combined treatment maximum bending stress lines, curved angle of a certain number of specific speed twists and turns, stretch-resistant soles with a magnifying glass to see the degree.
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The main technical indicators

Bending angle: 90 °
Round shaft diameter: ¢ 30mm
Bending speed :125-150CYCLES / MIN
Clamp Width: 144MM
The same time test: 3 soles 3pcs
Dimension: 100 * 53 * 30CM
Weight: 98kg
Power: 1 ∮, AC220V, 3A
According to the standard: GB / T 20991

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