The future of power is a strange one. Already we're starting to see ways of transmitting electricity like you would with Wi-Fi over the air and battery breakthroughs for longer life cells are happening regularly. But we're still a long way off from unlimited power everywhere – so what's coming next to keep us charged? Projects are beginning to become realities that harness how we move and what we wear to power our devices.

      We've collected the best of the bunch so you know what to buy or wait and save up for between now and the very near future. SolePower SolePower is exactly as the name suggests, a shoe sole that powers your devices as you walk.

      The idea is that you slip the SloePower into your shoe and as you walk it charges a battery that can juice up any gadget that needs it. So how far do you need to walk to charge your phone? In tests its creators say a 2.5-mile to 5-mile walk should fully charge your iPhone.

      And in case you thought all that would be rough on the device don't fret it's been tested to 100 million steps. Your shoes should wear out before SolePower does. To keep your mobile juiced just by moving about you'll need $100, which is about £64, for a Kickstarter order that ships this month. If you miss that you can pre-order from SolePower directly. XOO Belt A riddle for you: When do you carry something that carries you? When you're wearing a belt. Since the belt is already holding up your trousers why not use it to keep up the power on your phone too?

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       South China University of Technology has developed a new timber material soles, wet skid resistance and anti-icing slip rubber material to fill the shoes of high-end technology gaps.

       China's outsole in the early 20th century has achieved the industrialized production, but is limited by the production technology and process conditions, the main source of the material only a single soles of leather or natural rubber.
In 2011, South China University of Technology Material Co., Ltd. a joint Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province reported Combination project - wet skid resistance and anti-slip rubber material ice research and industrialization. Currently, the project has been declared national invention patents, utility model patents 1, 3 acdemic papers.

Published in Out soles technology
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