Sole material, SBR / LLDPE / EVA blend foam shoes, TVA novel styrene elastomer shoe, PVU shoe, shoe made of latex foam with activated carbon and microporous polyurethane and polyether new outlook on the industry . Keywords: porous polyether polyurethane; blended; TVA; PVU.

         Foreword Chinese footwear industry sprung up everywhere, in just ten years, the world's largest producer and exporter of footwear, especially after China's accession to WTO, China's footwear industry presents a more robust development momentum, footwear production accounts the world's total of nearly 40% to 50% in the global footwear trade, China's footwear exports has accounted for 25%, both ranking first in the world. At present, China's footwear accounted for 22% of total world consumption consumption is one of the world's most important consumer of shoes .

          With the improvement of people's living standards, people are also rising demands for shoes, from the previous focus only nice, nice change to focus on at the same time, pay attention to their safety comfort. The good quality footwear sole material properties change and has a very close relationship, determines the soles of functionality and comfort. In recent years, we obviously feel as advances in production technology, the sole material has become increasingly diverse types of materials, and reflects the degree of special-growing, thus through constant development of enterprises, the new sole material has gradually emerged, provide some protection for the quality of our footwear products.

          The following soles of several new materials are discussed. 1, an overview of several new shoe 1.1 new polyether polyurethane elastomer sole microporous material advantages and disadvantages 1.1.1 polyether polyurethane liquid polyurethane soles used by the polyol can be divided into two types of polyester and polyether category. Many performance polyester soles such as tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, superior polyether soles, so far as the domestic market mainly polyester polyurethane soles. But the disadvantage of polyester polyurethane is susceptible to hydrolysis and biodegradation, sole prone to cracking, fracture; polyether polyurethane soles just to overcome the weaknesses of polyester polyurethane soles, with a strong low-temperature performance, hydrolysis resistance and mildew performance .

        While polyether polyurethane abrasion, folding relatively poor, but by examining Yantai Wanhua found with the use of a certain amount of reinforcing filler, prepared soles have improved significantly in terms of mechanical properties, wear resistance and Fold meet the actual requirements of the sole.

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