The characteristics of the microcellular polyurethane in outsole manufacturer

      Porous polyurethane elastomer is between performance and an elastomeric foam material between the core material between the foam and the solid density of from, the cell diameter in the 0.1-10um, the aperture more evenly distributed, taking into account the foam is light, good impact resistance, energy absorption, high strength and good cushioning performance elastomers, good wear resistance advantages.

      Since the polyurethane elastomer has a two-phase micro-structure microscopically, and up to 0.6 density polyurethane soles, and its physical properties can be adjusted within a wide range depending on the formulation. Easy molding and changing varieties and models . 1.1.3 Development of microporous polyurethane microcellular polyurethane soles which are used from the late 1960s began, Western Europe since the 1970s for the production of polyurethane soles and heel shoes, because of its light weight, abrasion resistance well, have developed rapidly.

      By 2000, the total growth of the polyurethane sole material was 39.2%, while the growth of other types of sole material was 11.1% polyurethane material currently occupies an important market in the footwear industry. China is the world's first production of shoes big country, accounting for 43% of global production of polyurethane soles application market has great potential for development, shoe technology and quality has reached the level of developed countries

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