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Baby shoe soles can not be too thick

Shoes with foot movement to be constantly bent, soles thicker, bending the more laborious, especially for love to run love dancing baby, platform shoes more likely to cause foot fatigue, thereby affecting the health of the knee and waist .


Baby shoe soles can not be too thick

In addition, the platform shoes in order to show the curves tend to increase the height of the heel, which will make the entire foot pediment, destroy the balance of power of the foot, the long-term it will affect the joint structure baby feet, and even lead to physiological curve of the spine deformation.

From a clinical perspective, the soles of shoes suitable thickness should be from 0.5 to 1 cm, heel height should be between 0.5 to 1.5 centimeters, more favorable for the development of baby feet.

It should be noted that, if the sole is too soft, it can not play a role in supporting the feet, the next step when you wear soft-soled shoes, the ground outside of the foot pit of the stomach will cause crowding out the small toe, foot lateral longitudinal arch affect growth; while soft soles thin, poor insulation, no damping effect on the calcaneus vibrations, the child's ankle vulnerable. In addition, because the child bones, joints, ligaments are in the developmental stages, balance and stability is not strong, the shoes help if it is too soft, lack of appropriate support foot in the shoe, the foot will swing around, prone to ankle and ligament the injury may also develop bad walking posture.

Children in addition to instep width, thickness is not the same as outside, even the arrangement of the five toes are not the same, so parents when choosing shoes for their children, the best choice toe round or wide head, due to a wider circle shaped toe, not bound by the baby's feet, so you can avoid crowded each other toes in the shoe, which will affect growth and development.

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