What is Extra light sole and its technology detail.

You may heard about light sole of shoes, but have you ever heard about extra light sole? 

Actually, extra  light sole is not just a component, but also a sole brand comes from Italy , the place be famous for its shoe brands and luxuries.

Extralight is a sole compound that’s three times lighter than comparable compounds yet delivers the same levels of durability and shock absorption. Shoes made with Extralight are supremely flexible and hardwearing.

XL Extralight Italy FINPROJECT company's EVA soles injection technology template High-tech crystal, ultra-flexible, and weighs only 1/3 of general shoes Combined with ergonomic, natural shock absorbers, soft and comfortable, fatigue Environmental protection: non-toxic, recyclable, releasing only water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned Been widely applied to security products, marine technology,automotive and footwear

Now the country has rarely used to such soles, many well-known international brands have to spend so soles (Italy's Prada Prada, Murphy & Nye Murphy & Nair, Germany, HUGO BOSS Hugo Boss, France STDupont Dupont)

Compared with VIBRAM outsole, can be said to have had no shortage of, XL can not only compete with VIBRAM outsole on the degree of wear, but also having some of their characteristics, the characteristics of the environmental aspects, I think now which brand should not be the sole can do non-toxic, recyclable, releasing only water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned.

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