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Speaking of nike, we are most familiar must be a cushion. All along, nike air cushion technology has been configured in the main kinds of sports shoes, basketball shoes cushion from the first pair of Air Force 1 to the famous Air Jordan series, all kinds of various types of air cushion technology for many consumers get confused rush. nike air main types are:
Air-sole: basic cushion is usually built, after few palm window. Length of the whole palm, 3/4 length, the first half of the palm, palm and other half, the first 11 generations without exception, are Series AJ this phase technique. Timeless air cushion technology, it is still used in the development of new low-end sports shoes engraved shoe.
Air max: it means more pressure, more air cushion foot window, the structure substantially similar to the Air-sole, similar principle, after the whole palm or palm mostly. Generally foot feeling more rigid, more sedate until air max 180,360 technology have matured in recent years after the transition. Derivatives include air air max 180, air max 360, etc., using the latest Lebron X zoom max window air cushion, the specific details needed to try to be objective.
Zoom: personally I think that is definitely nike air leader in the family, from the weight of the foot feeling very superior, common with the whole palm, heel, heel thickened, after the palm mahjong shaped, fan-shaped forefoot forefoot goose type and so on. Principle zoom air cushion and sole and max is not the same as adding a layer zoom in elastic fibers, not supporting role, but stretched state, to maintain the shape of a uniform air cushion quickly give your feet when force damping and feedback, zoom air cushion common in high-end sports shoes, nike style, even its lightweight characteristics to be used in soccer shoes cushioning on. Derivatives include starting cage zoom, zoom max.

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Surfing Shoe Soles Manufacturer Rafting Shoe Soles Supplier In Rubber Material.

ds surfing shoe soles rubber material1


Dosole supply you excellent quality of surfing shoe soles in rubber amd phylon material.

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TPU production and use

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TPU production and use

Traditional TPU products are accomplished through the reactor. Because of its complex process, an area of large, serious pollution, has gradually sheet screw extruder and replaced by a twin screw extruder. Synthesis of polyurethane in the extruder or by reactive extrusion production of polyurethane elastomers, these reactions are by step-growth polymerization reaction mechanism of.
The reaction was often based on a melt extruder or liquid feed, chemical reactants molar ratio between the opposite for the production of high molecular weight polymers is very important. In mainland China and Taiwan markets, TPU maximum amount that the shoe aspects injection molding, and the German BASF and China Taiwan's main priority was to produce and suppliers. Taiwan Ure which has five factories, which TPU capacity ranks first in Asia.
Prior to the company's main European markets, but fought in mainland China, the market share is gradually increasing. It is reported that China gifted ready within five years to build three TPU plant, making a total capacity of more than 50,000 metric tons in 2008, ranking first in the world.

      Soles mold factory due to face changes in free-form surfaces, shorter product life cycles, and improve the quality of other needs; and to be able to meet market demand, it is bound to be increased dramatically in the sole mold design and manufacturing technology.

      Sole complete solution - MOLD CAD / CAM system Soles mold 3D CAD / CAM technology is the core of footwear products, technical requirements and the degree of specialization is quite high, but the last CAD / CAM system has been unable to meet the development needs of MOLD mold manufacturing.

       In view of the CAD / CAM system suppliers in the past have been unable to break through to understand the layers of the footwear manufacturing process constraints, silver Network Technology committed to investing in this area and to "professional custom" as the goal, the relevant industry knowledge into CAD / CAM systems in in the development of complete solutions soles (Complete Shoe Sole Solution).

      The future of power is a strange one. Already we're starting to see ways of transmitting electricity like you would with Wi-Fi over the air and battery breakthroughs for longer life cells are happening regularly. But we're still a long way off from unlimited power everywhere – so what's coming next to keep us charged? Projects are beginning to become realities that harness how we move and what we wear to power our devices.

      We've collected the best of the bunch so you know what to buy or wait and save up for between now and the very near future. SolePower SolePower is exactly as the name suggests, a shoe sole that powers your devices as you walk.

      The idea is that you slip the SloePower into your shoe and as you walk it charges a battery that can juice up any gadget that needs it. So how far do you need to walk to charge your phone? In tests its creators say a 2.5-mile to 5-mile walk should fully charge your iPhone.

      And in case you thought all that would be rough on the device don't fret it's been tested to 100 million steps. Your shoes should wear out before SolePower does. To keep your mobile juiced just by moving about you'll need $100, which is about £64, for a Kickstarter order that ships this month. If you miss that you can pre-order from SolePower directly. XOO Belt A riddle for you: When do you carry something that carries you? When you're wearing a belt. Since the belt is already holding up your trousers why not use it to keep up the power on your phone too?

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What is Extra light sole and its technology detail.

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What is Extra light sole and its technology detail.

You may heard about light sole of shoes, but have you ever heard about extra light sole? 

Actually, extra  light sole is not just a component, but also a sole brand comes from Italy , the place be famous for its shoe brands and luxuries.

Extralight is a sole compound that’s three times lighter than comparable compounds yet delivers the same levels of durability and shock absorption. Shoes made with Extralight are supremely flexible and hardwearing.

XL Extralight Italy FINPROJECT company's EVA soles injection technology template High-tech crystal, ultra-flexible, and weighs only 1/3 of general shoes Combined with ergonomic, natural shock absorbers, soft and comfortable, fatigue Environmental protection: non-toxic, recyclable, releasing only water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned Been widely applied to security products, marine technology,automotive and footwear

Now the country has rarely used to such soles, many well-known international brands have to spend so soles (Italy's Prada Prada, Murphy & Nye Murphy & Nair, Germany, HUGO BOSS Hugo Boss, France STDupont Dupont)

Compared with VIBRAM outsole, can be said to have had no shortage of, XL can not only compete with VIBRAM outsole on the degree of wear, but also having some of their characteristics, the characteristics of the environmental aspects, I think now which brand should not be the sole can do non-toxic, recyclable, releasing only water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned.

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Baby shoe soles can not be too thick

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Shoes with foot movement to be constantly bent, soles thicker, bending the more laborious, especially for love to run love dancing baby, platform shoes more likely to cause foot fatigue, thereby affecting the health of the knee and waist .


Baby shoe soles can not be too thick

In addition, the platform shoes in order to show the curves tend to increase the height of the heel, which will make the entire foot pediment, destroy the balance of power of the foot, the long-term it will affect the joint structure baby feet, and even lead to physiological curve of the spine deformation.

From a clinical perspective, the soles of shoes suitable thickness should be from 0.5 to 1 cm, heel height should be between 0.5 to 1.5 centimeters, more favorable for the development of baby feet.

It should be noted that, if the sole is too soft, it can not play a role in supporting the feet, the next step when you wear soft-soled shoes, the ground outside of the foot pit of the stomach will cause crowding out the small toe, foot lateral longitudinal arch affect growth; while soft soles thin, poor insulation, no damping effect on the calcaneus vibrations, the child's ankle vulnerable. In addition, because the child bones, joints, ligaments are in the developmental stages, balance and stability is not strong, the shoes help if it is too soft, lack of appropriate support foot in the shoe, the foot will swing around, prone to ankle and ligament the injury may also develop bad walking posture.

Children in addition to instep width, thickness is not the same as outside, even the arrangement of the five toes are not the same, so parents when choosing shoes for their children, the best choice toe round or wide head, due to a wider circle shaped toe, not bound by the baby's feet, so you can avoid crowded each other toes in the shoe, which will affect growth and development.

  • Description: The alumina abrasive particle 60 composed of a double-sided adhesive tape on the roller cutter and cut from the sample passes through the sole, the sample is a cylinder with a diameter of 16mm, the sample is fixed in the sample boot device, the speed of the roller 40r / min rotation, while horizontally moving the sample holder by sliding the arm on the slide, and the mass loss of the sample by the density of the sample was measured to calculate the volume of wear on a sample holder , to evaluate the wear resistance of the sole.
  • Cooperation: Technology Transfer
  • Name: Putian Exit Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center

The characteristics of the microcellular polyurethane in outsole manufacturer

      Porous polyurethane elastomer is between performance and an elastomeric foam material between the core material between the foam and the solid density of from, the cell diameter in the 0.1-10um, the aperture more evenly distributed, taking into account the foam is light, good impact resistance, energy absorption, high strength and good cushioning performance elastomers, good wear resistance advantages.

      Since the polyurethane elastomer has a two-phase micro-structure microscopically, and up to 0.6 density polyurethane soles, and its physical properties can be adjusted within a wide range depending on the formulation. Easy molding and changing varieties and models . 1.1.3 Development of microporous polyurethane microcellular polyurethane soles which are used from the late 1960s began, Western Europe since the 1970s for the production of polyurethane soles and heel shoes, because of its light weight, abrasion resistance well, have developed rapidly.

      By 2000, the total growth of the polyurethane sole material was 39.2%, while the growth of other types of sole material was 11.1% polyurethane material currently occupies an important market in the footwear industry. China is the world's first production of shoes big country, accounting for 43% of global production of polyurethane soles application market has great potential for development, shoe technology and quality has reached the level of developed countries

         Sole material, SBR / LLDPE / EVA blend foam shoes, TVA novel styrene elastomer shoe, PVU shoe, shoe made of latex foam with activated carbon and microporous polyurethane and polyether new outlook on the industry . Keywords: porous polyether polyurethane; blended; TVA; PVU.

         Foreword Chinese footwear industry sprung up everywhere, in just ten years, the world's largest producer and exporter of footwear, especially after China's accession to WTO, China's footwear industry presents a more robust development momentum, footwear production accounts the world's total of nearly 40% to 50% in the global footwear trade, China's footwear exports has accounted for 25%, both ranking first in the world. At present, China's footwear accounted for 22% of total world consumption consumption is one of the world's most important consumer of shoes .

          With the improvement of people's living standards, people are also rising demands for shoes, from the previous focus only nice, nice change to focus on at the same time, pay attention to their safety comfort. The good quality footwear sole material properties change and has a very close relationship, determines the soles of functionality and comfort. In recent years, we obviously feel as advances in production technology, the sole material has become increasingly diverse types of materials, and reflects the degree of special-growing, thus through constant development of enterprises, the new sole material has gradually emerged, provide some protection for the quality of our footwear products.

          The following soles of several new materials are discussed. 1, an overview of several new shoe 1.1 new polyether polyurethane elastomer sole microporous material advantages and disadvantages 1.1.1 polyether polyurethane liquid polyurethane soles used by the polyol can be divided into two types of polyester and polyether category. Many performance polyester soles such as tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, superior polyether soles, so far as the domestic market mainly polyester polyurethane soles. But the disadvantage of polyester polyurethane is susceptible to hydrolysis and biodegradation, sole prone to cracking, fracture; polyether polyurethane soles just to overcome the weaknesses of polyester polyurethane soles, with a strong low-temperature performance, hydrolysis resistance and mildew performance .

        While polyether polyurethane abrasion, folding relatively poor, but by examining Yantai Wanhua found with the use of a certain amount of reinforcing filler, prepared soles have improved significantly in terms of mechanical properties, wear resistance and Fold meet the actual requirements of the sole.

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