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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 04:09

Rubber oversupply in the market

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  • As Southeast Asian countries in the rubber loosening export restrictions and other reasons, the impact of the global rubber growing oversupply situation, the end of April, has reached unprecedented serious proportions. Insiders said it expects global rubber will appear for three consecutive years with a large oversupply phenomenon. As European countries on China's tire and shoe lower demand, China's demand for rubber consumption is also reduced, resulting in rubber prices continue to decline, rubber exports become a problem.
  •      Recently, the chairman of the Indonesian Rubber Association has said that the international market prices continued malaise, abnormal weather, the rainy season occurs frequently, leading to Indonesia's rubber bound production. Estimated annual production of about 2.8 million tons, down 6.6%; exported 2.32 million tons, down 5%. Since last year, rubber prices continued to fall, as the world's three major rubber producing countries of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, jointly issued only rubber export restrictions to control the supply of rubber. So far this year, rubber prices will continue to decline, the market demand is not one of the reasons. Indonesian Rubber Association said that as a major exporter of Chinese rubber lower demand, as European countries on Chinese tires and special mesh fabric, TPU soles and decreased demand. These factors a ring set, eventually leading to the proposed termination of Indonesian rubber export restrictions plan.
  •      Single opinion from Indonesia, the world's rubber market will be a great float. Indonesia proposed the creation of a wider range of Rubber Board, to absorb Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia as a member, it will enable the global rubber production will account for 95% of the price will then have more discretion.
  •      Even if Indonesia made ​​a great effort, but the European market, Chinese market demand is not high, then low price adjustment is still difficult to restore a good situation. For the next three years, the trend of the global rubber, most people in the industry, are pessimistic. Trammel nets cloth domestic companies have also pessimistic, but have to actively prepared to deal with measures to prevent the occurrence of special circumstances.
Sunday, 09 February 2014 14:48

warming insole

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  • Warming Insoles
    • Warming Insoles utilizing lambswool, aluminum coating and other heat-retention methods provide comfort and natural warmth, keeping feet comfortable in cold weather. Ideal for all types of footwear such as Boots, Slippers, and Dress Shoes.
    • Leather insoles are strong replacement insoles for dress shoes and can include charcoal and other agents to combat odors. The upper surface can be made of natural, absorbent materials to keep feet dry and allow breathing.
Sunday, 09 February 2014 14:40

About footwear outsole

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  • Outsole of shoes
  • The shoe soles has an advantage in that the shoesoutsole can not only prevent the foot from becoming flat, but can also minimize shock on the sole of the foot, and reduce foot fatigue Therefore, the better feeling sensation can be maintained, and an effect of stretching are maximized so as to make the blood smoothly circulate A shoe soles includes an arch part shiftably assembled on a central part of an upper surface of a outsole body in a longitudinal direction and a rear sole shiftably assembled on a rear part of a lower surface of the outsole body in a longitudinal direction.
Sunday, 09 February 2014 14:35

PU soles Characteristics

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    Perfectly suited to our lightweight line.
        PU soles are exceptionally light, hold their shape and are hard-wearing. When manufacturing them, two liquid components are mixed and foamed. This results in a vast number of ultra-fine air bubbles that cushion the foot excellently and ensure that walking and standing is comfortable.
        They are naturally made from CFC free polyurethane (PU) and are made in China Dosole
Sunday, 09 February 2014 14:31

The 2013 Jinjiang Footwear International Exposition

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  • The 2013 Jinjiang Footwear International Exposition took place from April 18 to 21 inSouth China's Fujian province. The event was sponsored by the provincial government of Fujian, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the China National Light Industry Council.
  • Held in Jinjiang city ,a middle city, the 50,000-square-meter trade show will host 1,700 exhibition booths, the most in its 15-year history. Exhibits included shoes soles material and other footwear items, bags, and publications covering the sector.
  •  The industry technology area, a highlight of this year's event, will show visitors the design process of new products from top brands.
  •  This footwear gathered Anta,Lining,Luyou,X-tep shoes brands,and Chenchan,Dosole,Yitai outsoles suppliers.
  •  Innovative materials like shoes material ,shoes soles ,shoes outsoles,shoes lace and insoles on display showed how advanced technology makes products with better traction, comfort and safety.
  •  Famed as the country's "footwear capital", Jinjiang is home to companies that make 20 percent of the sports shoes sold globally and supply amazing 40 percent of the domestic market,as "footwear capital“presents.
  • The evening of April 18, 2013 will certainly be remembered by the Brazilian footwear sector. On this date, in the city of Novo Hamburgo, the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association hosted a major event celebrating its 30 years of activities.The highlights of the event were the inauguration of Abicalçados' executive and board presidents, Heitor Klein and Paulo Schefer, respectively; and the handing out of the 1st Abicalçados Directions Awards.
  • Busy day The day was busy from the beginning at Abicalçados. During the afternoon, the organization's representatives were honored at the City Council in the city ofNovo Hamburgo. Councilman Raul Cassel, who had the initiative of honoring the organization, stressed the importance of the association not only for the city ofNovo Hamburgo, but for Brazil. "Through this homage, we also invite the organization to participate in this legislative house, bringing information and requests", he said. Councilman Betinho Koch pointed out the partnership and respect of the relationship between the organization and workers' unions. "The union between companies and workers is essential for the industry to be successful. Being a shoemaker for 36 years, I can say that I am part of the history of the organization and of the footwear sector in the region of Vale do Sinos", he mentioned. Councillor Gelson Peteffi stressed the importance of demands like tax relief for the industry and the fight against invasion of Chinese products in the domestic market. "I highlight Abicalçados' persistence all those years", he concluded. Milton Cardoso, then president of Abicalçados' Board of Directors, took the podium stressing the importance of the sector for the domestic economy. "The footwear industry is responsible for 10% of the total number of jobs in the Brazilian manufacturing industry, which is very significant", he pointed out.
  • According to him, being based in the city that is still considered the Capital of Shoes is an honor. "If it is no longer the capital in volume, it still is in intelligence", he added. Shortly after the tribute, Abicalçados' Board of Directors met at the organization's headquarters for the election of the new Board for the two upcoming years. Entrepreneur Paulo Schefer, CEO of Grupo Priority (owner of the brands West Coast and Cravo&Canela) takes on the role, which was performed by Milton Cardoso before.
  • Evening to toast During the evening, prominence to the handing out of the 1st Abicalçados Directions Awards for the categories Manufacture, Sales, Marketing and Design, in addition to the distinction for Sustainability Projects, Union, best journalistic article and personality of the sector.
  • About Abicalçados Established in April 1983, Abicalçados represents the Brazilian footwear industry, working in trade defense and in search of better competitive conditions for production in Brazil. The organization, headquartered in the city ofNovo Hamburgo (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul), has footwear companies of all sizes and from all Brazilian states among its members.
Sunday, 09 February 2014 14:29

What is TPR and its history

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  • TPR tecknicaly named Thermo Plastic Rubber. The TPR sole is the most common material.
  • But in daily life, many people are not sure if this part of your shoes is what we call the TPR material, then I will teach you the recipe for the most simple way to identify.
  • To clarify the TPR must first distinguish different outsole material area. Such as PVC and PU or rubber, and so on.1, there are a lot of people can not tell the PVC and TPR soles, in fact, these two materials are very easy to recognize, PVC material sole holding in his hand heavier than TPR TPR material sole flexibility better than PVC, the easiest method is that the soles Kennedy took naturally falling down, bounced TPR soles of PVC material TPR cheaper, but the quality is not good, especially in the winter, it is easy to break at the end.
  • Identify rubber sole is also very simple, RB bottom is a feature of the injection holes, as well as with the smell, taste stood for a long time, then president of the color white material things.TR sole surface is very bright. Than the average TPR soles hard TR injection holes than TPR and more. Injection hole is very special.
Sunday, 09 February 2014 14:25

The way of manufacturing EVA outsoles from China

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The way of manufacturing EVA outsoles      

FIELD OF THE INVENTIONz    The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing EVA outsoles and the method involves fewer steps and saves more EVA material.BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION    A method known to applicant about the steps for manufacturing EVA outsoles is shown in FIG. 1 and includes the following steps:    step 1: mixing EVA, related components and foaming Agent;    step 2: pressing the mixture as mentioned in step 1 to be a plate;   step 3: cutting the plate into strips;    step 4: using a foaming machine to foam the strips;    step 5: peeling a top surface and a bottom surface of each strip;    step 6: shaping the foamed strips to be a desired shape;    step 7: trimming each strip in step 6, and   step 8: heating the skips in step 7 in a mold to forming the strips into ousoles.      This method involves too many steps and only a certain amount of EVA can be utilized because too much EVA material is discarded when peeling the top surface and the bottom surface of the strips.    The present invention intends to provide a method for manufacturing EVA outsole and the steps of the method are fewer than the conventional method and the EVA material can be saved about 30% to 40% of the quantity of EVA material that is used in conventional method.   SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION    In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, there is provided a method for manufacturing EVA outsoles, comprising the following steps:   step 1: mixing EVA and foaming agent to become a mixture;    step 2: pressing the mixture as mentioned in step 1 to be a plate;    step 3: cutting the plate into strips;    step 4: overlapping the strips to a desired weight;    step 5: heating the overlapped strips in step 4 in a mold to forming an outsole, and    step 6: trimming the outsoles.    The EVA material is not discarded during the steps of the method of the present invention so that the EVA material is used effectively.         

 These and further objects, features and advantages of the present invention will become more obvious from the following description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings which show, for purposes of illustration only, several embodiments in accordance with the present invention.               


 Referring to FIG. 2, the method in accordance with the present invention comprises the following steps which are:  step 1: mixing EVA and foaming agent to become a mixture;   step 2: pressing the mixture as mentioned in step 1 to be a plate;   step 3: cutting the plate into strips;   step 4: overlapping the strips into several groups and each group having a desired weight;   step 5: heating the overlapped strips in step 4 in a mold to form an outsole, herein the mold has pattern defined in an inside thereof, and   step 6: trimming the outsoles.   In the method, there is no peeling process so that the EVA material that can be saved is about 30% to 40% of the quantity of EVA material that is used in the conventional method. The mold has patterns defined in an inside thereof so that the outsoles made by the method of the present invention are final products. The size of the mold mentioned in step 5 is ? to ? of the full size of a conventional mold.      While we have shown and described various embodiments in accordance with the present invention, it should be clear to those skilled in the art that further embodiments may be made without departing from the scope and spirit of the present invention.      What is claimed is:            1. A method of fabricating an EVA outer sole comprising the steps of:      (a) mixing an EVA composition with a foaming agent to form a mixture;       (b) pressing said mixture to form a mixture plate;       (c) cutting said mixture plate to form a plurality of mixture strips;       (d) overlapping a plurality of said mixture strips one over the other to form an overlapped set of said mixture strips having a desired weight.       (e) heating said overlapped set in a single mold which has a pattern defined internally thereon so as to form a concurrently cured and shaped outer sole having said pattern; and,       (f) removing said outer sole from said mold and trimming said outer sole.

Sunday, 09 February 2014 14:24

Best shoe soles supplier in Asia

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       China is the most integrated and sophisticated place of all kinds of shoes outsoles and material, however ,if you want to buy shoe soles provider still comes a problem. OK, I will take Quanzhou for example , a city located in southern China and famouse for her shoes and garment indusry.    The top 4 outsoles provider from here are:      

       1. Chenchan-www.chenchansole8.cn , it is a outsoles provider since 1997 , the quality there is excellence, but the price is higher than others and the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity)is also big.       

       2.Dosole-www.dosole.com, the manufacturing history of Dosole is about 7 years ,and they started their global business since2008 and performace well .Product range EVA ,TPR ,Rubber,TPUoutsoles the purchasing price is moderate and MOQ is also acceptble for most of shoes maker .       

       3.Xingtai-www.xtsoles11.com ,their setup theit business in 2000 and their price is lowest among the three ,but that is why make their quality negative too, if you want make some shoes for poor area ,that is a good choice .       4.minzu-www.minzusole.net,quanzhou based soles maker,main soles products are TPU soccer shoe soles and running shoe soles,5 years of manufacturing.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013 09:17

Jinjiang Shoes material capital of China

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  • Chendai shoes capital are on the road, every afterjinjiang-shoes material capitalnoon around three began congestion: various types of trucks carrying goods from this category of shoe varying road bound for the professional market Chinese shoes shoe surrounding area. Shoes from China professional market April 19, 2005 Seventh Jinjiang Footwear Fair opened today, this situation has continued for more than eight years. During these eight years, Chinese shoes are professional market awareness rising, which from the former road was renamed Chendai seven road shoes are evident.
  • However, with the domestic shoe industry chain, the further development of Chinese shoes are less than professional market has become more prominent: the development of space is limited, can not meet the demand for more and more enterprises settled; functions tend to trade more, the lack of testing, research and development third parties such as public services. To this end, more high-end professional market --- Jinjiang International Footwear Textile City startup, power shoes Jinjiang "second rise."
  • Metro sail across one hundred billion boost market
  • As the largest local professional footwear market in the past for a long period of time China shoes market has been regarded as a model for local professional. In fact, hand over the transcripts from the past few years, China shoes are also worthy of the "market model" of the title.
  • Chen Tai shoe market started in the 1980s, the earliest only one street, dozens of shops in the business. Subsequently, with the development and growth of the footwear industry in was "well"-shaped arrangement of four streets, dotted with more than 1,000 stores, wholesale and retail shoe collection, storage, shoes machine exhibition as one of the shoes city stretches kilometers. Here, large shoemaking machinery and equipment, small studs buckles, as long as the footwear needed, are everything. According to conservative estimates, the footwear market Chendai annual turnover of at least 100 billion yuan, but the tax department statistics, but with very different. And this was before the advent of Chinese shoes scene.
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