Thursday, 18 September 2014 14:19

CR7 marked on soles will be soon on the market

Cristiano Ronaldo launched the personal brand CR7 logo printed on the sole male SHOES Past Cristiano Ronaldo is accustomed to seeing fans wearing printed with his name Real Madrid and Portugal team jersey, and now the fans will see Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 brand men's wear.

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 brand launched men is based on the identity of Cristiano Ronaldo, portraits and behavior design. These shoes in the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo homeland production, there are signs CR7 shoes, the soles are also printed with the logo.

It seems, Cristiano Ronaldo is not only passed the ball well, business is also useful.

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Friday, 09 May 2014 03:14

Special offer cork soles

  cork woods shoe soles dosole China-outsole pic

What's the material of Wooden Shoe soles?

After many trees stripped of bark, due to the cutting off of the supply of water and nutrients, will soon be dead. However, there is a tree, is not afraid of peeling, which is Fagaceae deciduous or evergreen tree Quercus. What is cork? cork, because soft and elastic solid commonly known as cork. Strictly speaking, not the wood , it iscork oak or cork oak bark. Cork oak tree, or Quercus oak tree is often called, is one of the oldest extant species in the world, dating back about 6,000 years old.




Can you tell me what the price of it?

For slipper ,sandals, or other leisure shoes.

What's the minimum quantity?

This is DOSOLE 's brand new outsole series , though, we want to test it in the market , so we set it a low price from 0.95-1.2 USD per pair.

no less than 3000 pairs, but also no more than  6000 pairs per company, sorry for this. 

What's the style it maybe for?




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       South China University of Technology has developed a new timber material soles, wet skid resistance and anti-icing slip rubber material to fill the shoes of high-end technology gaps.

       China's outsole in the early 20th century has achieved the industrialized production, but is limited by the production technology and process conditions, the main source of the material only a single soles of leather or natural rubber.
In 2011, South China University of Technology Material Co., Ltd. a joint Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province reported Combination project - wet skid resistance and anti-slip rubber material ice research and industrialization. Currently, the project has been declared national invention patents, utility model patents 1, 3 acdemic papers.

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