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Outsole with creative pattern may catch consumer's eye

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      In general, the development of new products shoe styles that they will concentrate on the upper, rather than the sole. People are accustomed think: Sole has been working with the ground, "day and night relative" does not see the light, so the main quest is wear-resistant and non-slip, rather than to attract people's attention.

        Who noticed the sole pattern? Who noticed the sole pattern? A: The site survey team handling personnel will! Of course, this is just a small part of the very few people, and constitute the market. We have to note that the sole pattern is not just appear in the sole during walking, which is printed on the earth many times. This is the real market!

           At present, all kinds of shoes with soles have tread, but just to slip. If the pattern or the shape of the efforts made ​​features, a major breakthrough in the development of shoes Who is not it? "Bird line drunkenness, one place plum seal" bird footprints left in the snow is portrayed vividly. If the People's Bank of drunkenness, but also a land plum seal it? With this in mind, you can easily achieve, as long as the soles made ​​of a bird claws, is not able to leave footprints in the snow birds?
          Similarly, do you want out of the "catwalk", "tiger step" nature are alone. Such shoes have big market? Likely to adults, this shoe is nothing more than just a new map, go to work or should wear ordinary shoes. Cement road, you could not step on the marble floor footprint, targeted at adults, sandals and outdoor footwear is clearly the main design objects. But from the whole market considerations, it ought to be the main force shoes. Shoes not only fashion, health

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