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3 ways to regconize rubber sneaker outsole

When we deside to buy a pair of sneaker, usually style and design should be our first consideration , and often overlook the outsole, but actualy outsole contains a lot of secrets . 


Men's shoes stylist told us,  when a man choosing his shoes, the most important thing is to see if it can meet the needs of the use. If he want to buy a pair of sneaker, they need to see if the sole can adapt to the demand. When in the movement, no matter what kind of the form is, the perfect matching sneaker have a common point increasing friction, reducing chances to slip, supporting your feet, protecting your feet from accident, and Protecting the joints. 



Under normal circumstances, the running shoes are lighter than walking shoes, have better damping function, so as to effectively protect the bones and joints; Tennis, volleyball and basketball needs  lateral movement and hurtling, therefore, the thickness, grinding good shoes is preferred; If you are a golf, cycling, football, football and baseball fans,you'd best prepare a pair of  pro shoes. Select whether the shoes fit is the primary factor, usually damping performance good shoes can slow the impact of external forces on foot; Under normal operation of permeability is strong shoes can make the feet sweat evaporate rapidly, reduce the risk of foot bacterial and fungal infection. Leisure shoes outsole surface should be larger ,because it can make, like runners ,safer at night.



When buying shoes, foot type should also be considered. With flat bow, should choose a pair of hard help, after support strong shoes; High arches, should choose strong shock, the stability of the heel shoes, often movement is more you want to choose the shoes sole non-slip shockproof function. 

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