Soles mold factory due to face changes in free-form surfaces, shorter product life cycles, and improve the quality of other needs; and to be able to meet market demand, it is bound to be increased dramatically in the sole mold design and manufacturing technology.

      Sole complete solution - MOLD CAD / CAM system Soles mold 3D CAD / CAM technology is the core of footwear products, technical requirements and the degree of specialization is quite high, but the last CAD / CAM system has been unable to meet the development needs of MOLD mold manufacturing.

       In view of the CAD / CAM system suppliers in the past have been unable to break through to understand the layers of the footwear manufacturing process constraints, silver Network Technology committed to investing in this area and to "professional custom" as the goal, the relevant industry knowledge into CAD / CAM systems in in the development of complete solutions soles (Complete Shoe Sole Solution).

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