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Speaking of nike, we are most familiar must be a cushion. All along, nike air cushion technology has been configured in the main kinds of sports shoes, basketball shoes cushion from the first pair of Air Force 1 to the famous Air Jordan series, all kinds of various types of air cushion technology for many consumers get confused rush. nike air main types are:
Air-sole: basic cushion is usually built, after few palm window. Length of the whole palm, 3/4 length, the first half of the palm, palm and other half, the first 11 generations without exception, are Series AJ this phase technique. Timeless air cushion technology, it is still used in the development of new low-end sports shoes engraved shoe.
Air max: it means more pressure, more air cushion foot window, the structure substantially similar to the Air-sole, similar principle, after the whole palm or palm mostly. Generally foot feeling more rigid, more sedate until air max 180,360 technology have matured in recent years after the transition. Derivatives include air air max 180, air max 360, etc., using the latest Lebron X zoom max window air cushion, the specific details needed to try to be objective.
Zoom: personally I think that is definitely nike air leader in the family, from the weight of the foot feeling very superior, common with the whole palm, heel, heel thickened, after the palm mahjong shaped, fan-shaped forefoot forefoot goose type and so on. Principle zoom air cushion and sole and max is not the same as adding a layer zoom in elastic fibers, not supporting role, but stretched state, to maintain the shape of a uniform air cushion quickly give your feet when force damping and feedback, zoom air cushion common in high-end sports shoes, nike style, even its lightweight characteristics to be used in soccer shoes cushioning on. Derivatives include starting cage zoom, zoom max.

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