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Why Toms Shoe Always Flat And Which Material And Supplier Of Toms Shoe Sole Featured

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Lets check out what maaterial does TOMS shoe made of first 

Actually , Toms shoe sole is made of EVA material , if you still do not know what EVA is , please check the link before http://dosole.com/index.php/articles/about-soles/item/5what-is-eva-out-soles-and-eva-material-features

However , Toms EVA sole is not injected sole, we need to produce the eva sheet with what pattern or thickness you need , then cut it into pieces with designed size. It sounds like making a cookie on weekends.

toms shoe sole supplier
So let's check some features of Toms shoe sole;
1. Sole Material: eva
2. Size:
Press sheet: 65cm / 70cm * 115 / 120cm * 9mm
Press double: each number are supply
3. Hardness: 65 ° ± 3 °
4. Color: color can supply a variety of common kind
5. Price: Please go into the details
We can see that the hardness of  Toms shoe sole is 65 plus or minus 3 degree, so we know that this kind of hardness comforts your feet very well.
But all we know , eva is abrasion is not as good as rubber sole, so we have to add some regular or irregular pattern onto it, because that makes shoe's abrasion or resistance much better , just like tires on cars.
If you see the same sole  from DOSOLE, just as attached picture, you will find all kinds Toms shoe sole is flat, because it was cut from sheets into pieces , so that' why Toms shoe outsole always flat .
toms shoe sole supplier
If you need a similar Toms shoe sole supplier, please try to contact DOSOLE CHINA, your ideal outsole supplier from China.


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