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Dosole is always stepping forward

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Dosole is an outsole supplier always stepping forward

        Dosole is a professional shoes sole designer, producer and sales company, business model, ODM, main products are EVA sole, PH soles, PU soles and soles accessories. Which EVA sole, PH soles and PU sole production capacity was 22 million pairs, 6.3 million pairs and 3.5 million pairs. Company as Anta, special steps largest sole supplier and 361 °, Erke, deerhui sole business of the top five vendors, is the largest sole enterprise in Quanzhou, Fujian.
  •      Sports shoes consumer market space, the company benefited from the sports industry branding.
  •      With the level of urban income of rural residents increased consumption upgrade, as well as the trend of casual clothing, Quanzhou sports industry has developed rapidly, accelerating the process of brand sports industry the company provides a broad market space.
  •      Consumer market in the future Chinese sneakers annual growth is expected to remain above 15%. In this context, the company also will grow, sales income of 232 million yuan from 2007 rose to 327 million yuan in 2009, an average annual compound growth rate of 18.5%; sales net profit of 16.75 million yuan from 2007 up to 2009, 33.78 million yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of 42%.
  •      Leading technology, production scale to highlight the core competitiveness.
  •      Company is also a city in Fujian province, provincial enterprise technology center, one of two sports shoe soles.
  •           Meanwhile, the company is the largest in Quanzhou sports shoes sole enterprise, by virtue of its position in the industry companies can purchase large quantities of raw materials, to form a strong bargaining power.
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