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Mizuno running shoe soles

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Mizuno running shoe soles techs

  • Return to the original natural fit and wearing feel, chasing barefoot brings a new experience, in this pursuit of the true road Mizuno brand brings its new products, design inspired sandals and a human foot morphology it is the Mizuno brand's first dual-barefoot-shaped training shoes. Like Mizuno brand's slogan as "beyond infinity" natural fit feet ground, return to the true nature, to achieve robust feet training purposes, to stimulate vitality, bursting with vitality, beyond infinity.
    This is a pair of barefoot-shaped comprehensive training shoes, you can when it is a pair of shoes vigorous leisure time, but also qualified for your jogging training. After the first meeting brought Mizuno Be the first feeling is seemingly "excessive" thin and absolute light. In such an intuitive feel for Mizuno Be the distinct characteristics, the minimalist look under bears Mizuno brand painstaking scientific and technological input, then we will fully feel the Mizuno Be barefoot brings a new experience.
    After a bit thin on the feet of Mizuno Be makes your feet need some time to adapt, feet in the shoes of the most obvious feeling is Mizuno Be the ACTIVATION SOCKLINER unique and innovative shaped insole, especially between the toes and the soles of the feet arranged a " edge "As a toe will have a separate space, the flexibility of the activities to achieve the purpose of exercising the calf muscles while helping to increase. Mizuno Be thin after a period of adaptation can be found in the bottom material and it does not disappoint. AP + MIDSOLE midsole cushioning material has good capacity and relatively modest comfort, especially in conjunction with ACTIVATION SOCKLINER insole. Comfort is satisfactory.
    In Mizuno Be the heel we can find on the turn of the TPU support, DYNAMIC FUNCTION HEEL COUNTER goblet TPU applications where walking and jogging in the course of the campaign to ensure the heel fit, the heel firmly fixed, bring excellent Stability guaranteed. Here we again eyeing Mizuno Be outsole, the use of technology modeled BE FOOTPRINT OUTSOLE foot shape design, lightweight and durable, with good grip performance and high flexibility.
    This concept is not infrequent for barefoot contact with friends, training shoes Mizuno Be on the feet need some time to adapt, from simple to adapt to a short walking distance jogging training, step by step in order to feel the happiness brought barefoot. Immediate Mizuno Be full of science and technology, including a pair of training shoes barefoot. Seemingly simple blend of Mizuno shoes are numerous brands including science and technology. The gap between the toes and the soles of the feet may make you discomfort, a simple adaptation after full in the end, a high degree of flexibility will make you intoxicated.
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