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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:34

What is rubber tendon Sole

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One kind of very strong elasticity and toughness, wear-resistant and high soles, translucent yellow color, visual look and feel particularly strong. Because of their color and sex seemed beef tendons named.
Tendon at the end of the soft and hard bottom tendon tendon at the end.

   Tendon Sole
Tendon can be made of rubber soles, made of plastic can also be used, but in order to use thermoplastic rubber (TPR) produced most convenient. Was first started from rubber tendon, which was mainly to do after this color sandals and other materials put together known as the tendon colors.
The sole most suitable as casual sports shoes, such as shoes, softness and flexibility are very good, very comfortable to wear, anti-fastness, walking without sound.
Rubber tendon at the end a long time will be white, the surface layer of mist secretions; little cut with a razor blade into the fire ignited residual white solid little smudge, dripping phenomenon occurs when burning is difficult, and the emergence of rubber a little smoky stench .

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:32


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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:31

Condiciones de partes y accesorios de los zapatos

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Condiciones de partes y accesorios de los zapatos
 aglet - etiqueta que cubre final del cordón
 arco - sección media de la zapata que soporta arco del pie
 breasting - parte delantera interior del talón
sacabotas - yokelike instrumento para la eliminación de arranque por la captura de su talón
 bootstrap - tira de material, especialmente de cuero, cosido en la parte superior trasera o en los laterales de arranque y comprendido para ayudar a tirar de arranque en.
 hebilla - pestillo de sujeción por dos cintas sueltas
captoe - parte delantera del zapato, pone en marcha por la línea de la costura de un lado del pie al otro
 cuello - parte superior de zapato que rodea el pie, el tobillo o una pierna
 contra - refuerzo insertado entre forro y el cuero fuera a dar forma zapato alrededor del talón
 enredadera - archivo adjunto con puntas de hierro que se sujeta a la zapata para evitar persona se deslice sobre hielo
 manguito - adorno o acabado tira cosida alrededor de la parte superior exterior del zapato
ojal - pequeño agujero a través del cual pasa el cordón
 frente - Forro ornamental o de protección
 Talón francés - tacón alto, curva utilizada en los zapatos de las mujeres, que se caracteriza por el talón de mama que las curvas en espiga
 talón - fijación rígida para suela debajo trasera del pie
 gancho - pieza curvada de metal a través de la cual pasa el cordón
 Plantilla - tira de soporte delgada dentro del zapato
 encajes gancho - una de una serie de ganchos para la parte del tobillo del cordón de zapato del alto-top
encajes estancia - parte de oxford en el que se insertan ojales y cordones
 ascensor - soporte para el arco especial incorporado en o insertado en el calzado, una de las capas de cuero del talón de formación
 Guardabarros - inserto entre la suela y el cuerpo del zapato
 Suela - Suela
 plataforma - inserto que añade altura del talón
 cuarta parte-posterior del zapato encima del talón
costura - costura, donde se unen las secciones de calzado
 espiga-porción de suela de zapato debajo del empeine que proporciona apoyo para la sección del arco; metal o fibra de pieza que da a esta forma de la pieza
 calzador - rígida lámina, troughlike en el mango, que se celebró en la parte posterior del zapato para ayudar en la inserción del talón
 cordones de los zapatos - tela o cuero de la secuencia para el zapato vinculante cerrado
horma - forma de madera o metal que se inserta en el zapato para mantener su forma cuando no está en uso
 sole - fondo grueso de zapato que descansa en el suelo; suela
 Correa - Cable de cuero o de tela se utiliza para mantener zapato en el pie
 borla - Botón ornamental de sueltas, hilos anudados de cuero que pesa sobre parte superior
tanga - pieza vertical entre los dedos de ciertos sandalias
 punta - delante de los pies
 toe - parte delantera del zapato sobre los dedos de los pies
 puntera - pieza de material rígido colocado entre forro y puntera del zapato
 Puntera - pedazo de cuero u otro material que cubre los pies de los zapatos, a veces de color diferente de superior
 lengua - pieza unida a través de la parte superior del pie, especialmente bajo cordones.
 superior - parte principal de la zapata superior única
 vamp - superior que cubre parte delantera del pie, que se remonta
 tacón de cuña - talón en el zapato de la mujer formado por cuña triangular que se extiende desde la parte frontal o central hacia atrás de lenguado
 welt - tira de cuero entre la plantilla y la suela a través del cual se cosen o se unen con grapas
 ala - Puntera perforada en el diseño en forma de ala

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:30

How to Identify the rubber soles

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How to Identify the rubber soles

Rubber outsole is made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber produced and made. Because rubber is a polymer compound. Therefore, the rubber soled high elasticity, a high abrasion resistance, and subjected to repeated bending, stretching, compression and not destroyed. Also has the acid and alkali resistance, so rainy suitable to wear.

Now on the market a lot of sports shoes are almost always with a rubber outsole made of. Like basketball, soccer, tennis shoes. Because both belong to the more violent sport, so are required to have a high resistance to abrasion outsole.

In fact, the use of rubber is all rubber soles movement collectively, in accordance with the specific materials and ingredients division, rubber outsole can also be divided into a delicate natural rubber, wear-resistant rubber, green rubber, air rubber, and rubber outsole with carbon and so on. Rubber is soft, elastic very strong, very easy to distinguish, hand squeeze elasticity is; with the smell has a similar taste eraser that is; hard Shuaixiang ground, there are signs that will play.

Rubber soles sports shoes most common as material, everyday wear and maintenance also need to pay attention to the following athletes or sports loving people should purchase to wearing rubber outsole sports shoes, which is to extend the life of your shoes, and more less likely to try to remember to wash, it is forced to clean after use shoe trees will help restore the prototype shoes. Or will cardboard padding in his shoes, reported to have the double benefit effect, not only can help to restore the shape of shoes, but shoes can rapidly absorb excess moisture.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:30

Dosole-tu ideal de zapatos suelas proveedor de China.

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Dosole-tu ideal de zapatos soles proveedor de China.

Nosotros le suministramos con suela eva, suelas de goma, suelas de TPR, suela de TPU, suela PU, suelas de tr bajo MOQ aceptable a un precio favorble.

Somos Dosole de Quanzhou China, como un fabricante establecido en 2007 y finalmente Dosole logistered en 2010.

Como líder único fabricante de calzado con sede en China, hemos creado nuestro negocio y sólo proporcionamos productos a nivel nacional suelas de zapatos, suelas de eva, suelas de TPR, suela de goma, suelas de PU, suela de TPU, tr soles.with los esfuerzos de Dosolers en los últimos años,
Dosole ahora amplía su ámbito de negocio a otras industrias como la parte superior de los zapatos, zapatos materal, accesorios y zapatos, etc

¿Dónde dejaron huellas ", que es el lema de la empresa propuesta por el fundador de Dosole Mr.AW, registra la historia de Dosole y representa la actividad principal oringianl de los últimos días-Dosole.Now es nuestro lema

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:27

How to identify the EVA soles among all kinds of soles

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EVA as the commom material for the footbed of their shoes.

EVA is a dense foam which acts as an excellent and durable shock absorber in the sole of many shoes. Originally popularized in athletic shoe soles, EVA material is now being used industry wide and in a wide variety of shoe shapes and styles.

 EVA actually technically named Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and is a polymer widely used in a number of applications – from bio engineering to photovoltaic modules (such solar panels). In the shoes field, these companies are using the expanded rubber of foam version forms of the polymer.

Why EVA is considered more eco-friendly is that it doesn’t use chlorine in its production. That represents there is less toxicity released during degradation in a land fill somewhere if you discard your shoes by accident.

 Recycled EVA is considered more eco-friendly for not only is the material itself environmentally safer, but it is likewise not being simply discarded and is instead being re-used over and over again.

 EVA is also widely used in Vegan shoe goods because it is man made and friendly to animals.

 Moreover, shoes makers are also using EVA almost as a binding agent for other eco-friendly shoe materials. Jute, bamboo, cork and other materials are incorporated with the EVA to create better functions, and a great look, even an eco friendly shoe.

Rubber - whether natural or synthetic, has a long coiled polymer chain. For putting the material to best use-to get good strength, age, oil, oxidation resistance, we must mix the rubber with a vulcanising chemical, which will crosslink the polymeric chains

In TPE or TPR, these chains are already crossbound by physical aggregation or domains which prevent the chains from slipping past each other. On heating these hard domains yield allowing the polymer to flow like a plastic which can be made to fill a mold.

 On cooling, the TPE solidifies again into a hard mass. Like plastics, the material can be repeatedly heated to flow and cooled till they are thermally decomposed. TPEs are man made to have these "block" sections in the polymer.

 ThermoPlastic Rubber TPR is best described a material which has both the characteristics of rubber and plastic. Typical applications are the hard rubber/plastic soles on many shoes or the the rubber/plastic material used on hane tool grips.

 ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) are a softer version of TPR. TPEs permit fabrication of "rubber-like" articles with the speed, efficiency, and economy of injection molding, extrusion, or blow molding. This material is typically used where flexibility and soft-touch is desired in the application.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:27

Terms of parts and accessories of shoes

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Terms of parts and accessories of shoes

 aglet - tag that covers end of shoelace

 arch - midsection of shoe that supports arch of foot

 breasting - inside forepart of heel

bootjack - yokelike instrument for removing boot by catching its heel

 bootstrap - strip of material, esp. leather, sewn at top rear or sides of boot and grasped to help pull boot on

 buckle - latch fastening for two loose straps

captoe - forepart of shoe, set off by line of stitching from one side of foot to other

 collar - top of shoe that encircles foot, ankle, or leg

 counter - stiffener inserted between liner and outside leather to shape shoe around heel

 creeper - attachment with iron points that is strapped to shoe to prevent person from slipping on ice

 cuff - trimming or finishing strip sewed around outside top of shoe

eyelet - small hole through which shoelace passes

 facing - ornamental or protective lining

 French heel - high, curved heel used on women’s shoes, characterized by heel breast that curves into shank

 heel - rigid attachment to sole beneath rear of foot

 hook - curved piece of metal through which shoelace passes

 insole - thin support strip inside shoe

 lace hook - one of a series of hooks for lacing ankle portion of high-top shoe

lace stay - part of oxford into which eyelets and laces are inserted

 lift - special arch support built into or inserted in footwear; one of the layers of leather forming heel

 mudguard - insert between sole and body of shoe

 outsole – sole

 platform - insert that adds height to heel

 quarter- rear part of shoe above heel

seam - stitching where sections of shoe are attached

 shank- portion of sole of shoe beneath instep that provides support for arch section; metal or fiber piece that gives this part shape

 shoehorn - stiff, troughlike blade on handle, held at back of shoe to aid in inserting heel

 shoelace - cloth or leather string for binding shoe closed

shoetree - form of wood or metal inserted in shoe to preserve its shape when not in use

 sole - thick bottom of shoe that rests on ground; outsole

 strap - cord of leather or cloth used to hold shoe on foot

 tassel - ornamental knob of loose, knotted strands of leather hanging over upper

thong - upright piece between toes on certain sandals

 tip - front of toe

 toe - forepart of shoe over toes of foot

 toe box - piece of stiffened material placed between lining and toecap of shoe

 toecap - piece of leather or other material covering toe of shoe, sometimes of different color than upper

 tongue - attached piece across top of foot, esp. under laces

 upper - main part of shoe above sole

 vamp - upper covering forepart of foot, extending back

 wedge heel - heel on woman’s shoe formed by triangular wedge that extends from front or middle to back of sole

 welt - strip of leather between insole and outsole through which they are stitched or stapled together

 wingtip - toecap perforated in wing-shaped design

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:25

What is EVA out soles and EVA material features

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EVA (Technicaly named Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) outsole is the lightest among all kinds of outsoles.

And the feature of Eva are;Water resistance: closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture, water resistance is good.Corrosion resistance: resistant the sea water, oils and fats, acid, alkali other chemicals, corrosion, anti-bacterial, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting.Processing: no connection, and easy pressing, cutting, gluing, laminating and other processing.Anti-vibration: resilience and tensile strength, high toughness, good shock cushioning.Insulation: insulation, thermal insulation and cold temperature performance, may be resistant to cold and exposure.Sound insulation: Closed foam sound insulation. EVA sole is very commonly used for middle sole of shoes part, The rubber sole material can be classified into natural rubber or synthetic rubber

The advantages of natural rubber is that it is very soft, very good flexibility, suitable for all kinds of sports, but the drawback is also very obvious that is very wearable. Indoor sports shoes with natural rubber.
We can always see the sports shoes ,basketball shoes and indoor football shoes coach shoes are made of rubber outsoles.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:24

What is TPR out soles and TPR soles' function

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TPR tecknicaly named Thermo Plastic Rubber. The TPR sole is the most common material.

But in daily life, many people are not sure if this part of your shoes is what we call the TPR material, then I will teach you the recipe for the most simple way to identify.

To clarify the TPR must first distinguish different outsole material area. Such as PVC and PU or rubber, and so on.1, there are a lot of people can not tell the PVC and TPR soles, in fact, these two materials are very easy to recognize, PVC material sole holding in his hand heavier than TPR TPR material sole flexibility better than PVC, the easiest method is that the soles Kennedy took naturally falling down, bounced TPR soles of PVC material TPR cheaper, but the quality is not good, especially in the winter, it is easy to break at the end.

Identify rubber sole is also very simple, RB bottom is a feature of the injection holes, as well as with the smell, taste stood for a long time, then president of the color white material things.TR sole surface is very bright. Than the average TPR soles hard TR injection holes than TPR and more. Injection hole is very special.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:23


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橡胶大底是由天然橡胶或合成橡胶制作而制成的。因为橡胶是一种高分子的化合物。所以橡胶大底鞋就具有很高的弹性,很的高耐磨性,以及经受多次弯曲、拉伸、压缩而不受破坏。还具有耐酸碱性,因此下雨天适合穿。现在市场上的很多的运动鞋几乎都是采用了橡胶大底而成的。像篮球、足球、网球鞋等。因其都属于比较剧烈的体育项目,所以都要求有较高的耐磨性的大底。事实上,橡胶大是所有运用橡胶材质的运动鞋底的统称,按照具体材质和配料划分,橡胶大底还可以可以细致的分成天然橡胶、耐磨橡胶、环保橡胶、空气橡胶以及加碳橡胶大底等等。<br>    橡胶是软的,弹性很强,很容易区分,用手挤压弹性强的就是;用鼻子闻有类似橡皮擦味道的即是;用力甩向地面,有会弹迹象的就是。<br>    橡胶大底作为运动鞋底的最为见材料,在日常穿着保养中还需要注意的事项如下运动员或运动爱好人要常穿所购买的橡胶大底运动鞋,这是为了延长鞋子的使用寿命请,更要记住要尽量可能少地清洗,实在迫不得已清洗完后使用鞋撑会有助于鞋子恢复原形。或者将硬纸填充在鞋子里,报有一举两得的功效,不仅能有助于恢复鞋子的形状,而且能迅速吸收鞋子里多余的水分。

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