What is Phylon sole
        In China, we call Phylon sole a different name which is MD sole, or technically call it "Twice Foam EVA sole". Dosole has many soles in Phylon material , if you have our catalog you can find article number marked with "MD" then it is the Phylon material ,just like the picture right of you.It is usualy used in midsole of jogging shoe,running shoe,athletic shoe or sandals.

        Now ,let us introdue what is the phylon sole on earth, Phylon material biggest features are lightweight, flexible, and has good cushioning, Phylon foam is called  Twice Foam EVA material ,EVA sole is also very light soft and comfortble , but the performance and flexibility in terms of cushioning far smaller than Phylon sole, and the cost is much lower than Phylon, we all know that EVA sole is known as "Once Foam",so that is the difference and the reason they attribute the same, but different names as well different performances.

Manufacture method of Phylon sole 
        How to produce Twice Foam EVA(Phylon sole),as its name shows,Twice Foam EVA actually has the same raw material as EVA sole ,for Phylon(or MD) we make EVA foamed twice.
       When producing Phylon(MD) sole, plastic particles are heated twice then poured into the model to be pressurized and cooled finally you get what shape you want. That is why we  call it Twice Foam sole and thi is the way of making Phylon sole or MD sole . Phylon's softness is controlled by temperature,when can adjust the temperature when in heating process, the higher the temperature it is, the the greater density phylon it will , and the harder it will be. 
        On the contrary,the lower temperature in heating the more soft phylon it is, so , we can not judge one pair of Phylon sole good or not just by softness or hardness.

Disadvantages of Phylon sole
 Every coin has two sides,eventhough  the Phylon sole has so many strong points, but it has also a  bad side .It is not environmentally friendly ,because it is resistant to degradation.

Finnaly , I hope the information above helped you better understand the Phylon Outsole a bit .

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