As a fourth generation following the rubber sole material, PVC, SBS after, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) has better flexibility, abrasion resistance, tear resistance and flexibility, a variety of demanding special shoes such as One of the preferred material sole soccer shoes, skate shoes, hiking shoes and the like.

Currently the material used for the production of sports shoes soles mainly PVC, PU, ​​EVE and TPU, which TPU due to outstanding performance and environmentally friendly concept, began to emerge. PVC prices low, but the temperature is low hardens easily fracture, high temperature Shiyou variable soft, and there is medical research shows that PVC will release harmful dioxins, the advanced countries such as NIKE major sporting goods manufacturers, have been gradually replace PVC with TPU and other materials;

PU material light weight, good heat resistance, abrasion resistance, long life, the price is low, but the high cost of investment project (machinery, molds and raw materials), finished it difficult to re-use ; EVE flexibility, good elasticity, excellent chemical resistance and color performance, but the production process is relatively complex, the use of limited range in the high-end athletic shoes. The TPU has strong wear resistance, tensile strength and elongation at break, good weather resistance, etc., although the presence of hardness, weight and price inadequate, but the whole, TPU application market more widely.

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