Injection EVA Midsole

This jogging shoe uses an injection molded EVA shoe midsole with rubber part inserts.  This unit is very light, very flexible but will wear quickly.  The Injection molded tooling has a high production rate but the molds are over $3,000 per sizes and requires an expensive machine.  The compression EVA tooling is half the price and can be made in the most basic pressing room. This sole unit requires an EVA injection mold and rubber compression mold.

 The Injected midsole has a thicker, smoother skin than compression molded EVA midsole.  The Injected EVA midsole has a more uniform density and better detail definition than the compression molded EVA. 

This some information about injection eva midsole, if you want to know more about injection eva sole, please contact DOSSOLE for more

-some content quoted from sneaker factory

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