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What outsoles should be wored when driving

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What outsoles should be wored when driving

slippery brakes when wearing high heels

  •      Experimental procedure: Reporters found driving car driving, the heel is easy to get stuck throttle, brake pedal, and sometimes by feet hobbled, calf feels tight and there is a sense of soreness. In addition, because of the small size heel shoes, stepping side to side foot brake pedal, easy to slip, the brake force is difficult to control. Reporters found that the emergency brake, the heel is also easily stuck in the next step on the brake pedal is not in the end, resulting in brake not working.
    Experiment Conclusion: wear high heels to drive, control the brake without the focal point, the higher the heel, the less force on the brakes, emergency situation the driver will feel powerless, brakes are not in the end.
  •      Usually walk heel wedges comfortable than a single, but into the cab, because the front and rear with height, back and forth between the brake and throttle move inconvenient, can not grasp the intensity. Men's snow boots also exist such problems, reporters measuring one pair of men's snow boots 42 yards found the forefoot width is 12cm, and the small car brake pedal with the right spacing of about 13cm around the body, it is easy to get stuck.
    Many female students winter school car, will choose the warm and good snow boots or high boots, she always drove repeatedly stressed the importance of wearing flat shoes. Too hard or too thick soles of shoes to wear while driving is not recommended because of the lack of foot feeling when driving, the driver can not correctly determine the degree of control of the car.
  •         If it is from the perspective of warmth, it is recommended to wear snow boots, platform shoes women driving in the car to prepare a pair of shoes fit, so both warm and guarantee safe driving. In addition, the driver should pay attention to their soles, soles once there is snow or ice to be removed immediately, otherwise the brakes, easy to mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, the consequences could be disastrous.

Sole is too hard or too thick to wear is not recommended to drive

There is snow or ice on the sole to immediately clear

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