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What's Milk Out sole a new fashion outsole

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What's Milk Outsole-a new fashion outsole

  •        "Milk Outsole" made from 100% natural rubber produced. This natural rubber is produced from tropical rainforest clover gum juice, since the acquisition of mimicking natural latex milk, so we will use this image of the sole of latex production called "milk outsole."
  •         Every clover gum produces only 50 grams of natural latex each day. To protect the health of the treasured species reproduction, the need for the collection of rubber on the ecological environment and follow the principle of the protection of the natural environment. Meanwhile in the traditional way to produce natural, that the use of low pressure manual mold, so natural rubber latex into a liquid flow in the mold forming, for each pair of shoes takes 7 days to complete, global production capacity limited one million pairs per year, while can produce the shoes of the brand is not much.
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