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Thicken sole and Anti-scald

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2013 more sultry summer than in previous years, high temperature unbearably hot, busy in Shanghai Wing Lok Road, Guyang road, even the car refused to stay in the sun for more than one second, and galloped off. At this intersection, there is a policeman, the sweat from his face shed with impunity, had soaked his clothes, but he is still strong in the pedestrian shunned the blazing hot sun, constantly turning, whistle and orderly command passing vehicles and pedestrians. He is Songjiang Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment a squadron of police Ronin. At 16:30 on August 13, the evening peak is coming. Wing Lok Road, Songjiang District, Valley Rd intersection, Ronin standing on the stage on duty directing traffic. Duty station because there is no shelter, he fully exposure to the sun, the back of the clothes were soaked in sweat, his face sweat drops straight to the ground, but he still kept upright stance and norms gestures. Under his command, the vehicle quickly and in an orderly manner through the intersection.
         Provisions of the daily work of traffic police as "peak site, flat peak Paopian", the peak is required to stand for half an hour continuous, flat peak time is only 15-minute break every hour. Summer Surface burning, prolonged standing, separated soles soles still feel hot. Ronin and colleagues to buy a specialized shoes with thick soles, insoles also two layers of mat. "Platform shoes + double insole" But Luo police officers original, hot sun baking the road surface, but is on the road traffic police on duty, out of work responsibility and perseverance, Luo thought of this "small coup sunstroke . "
             In the city of Shanghai, the traffic police have to protect the urban traffic flow hard work has touched many people. "Liege police" - citizens so affectionately called the old law, but also to add more police Luo go all out to ensure smooth Paidu work force.

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