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What's Integral Sole

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Integral Sole

  •         (1) integral EVA soles most common foam molding soles, soles costs at the end of this, and slip resistance and poor, is like water stains soles put on roller skates same. REEBOK is this a 3D soles sole EVA foam molding best "spokesperson."
            (2) PU whole sole: ADI and NIKE used this time is not a lot of sole, PU sole is molded soles are low. PU at the end is characterized by light, but not wet, getting water after a chemical reaction layers of eroded. 
             (3) Pure rubber soles: pure rubber soles for outdoor climbing shoes, or work shoes, electrician shoes. Throughout the whole letter soles of rubber composition, the advantage of wear non-slip, the disadvantage is too much weight. I work shoes are generally used for this sole, also known as insulated soles.
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