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Thick-soled shoes hurts your feet

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Thick-soled shoes hurts your feet    

  •       Looking at the streets this summer, from the thick-soled canvas shoes, thick crust Bullock shoes to platform sandals, etc., especially driven by the star, which shares the platform shoes trend intensified. Stiletto heels are too injured foot, many crush feel contrast, platform shoes is simply "zero heel", both significantly higher and comfortable. However, medical experts have said, no better than high-heeled platform shoes, "wear", it raises many questions in the leg "In our department treated patients, there refrain causes the patient caused by improper shoes." Pu Ai Hospital of Wuhan Lord Renxie Ming said foot and ankle surgery this summer, admitted a young girl, every day, to go out wearing thick-soled shoes, buy a variety of styles on ten pairs, people are vacated because "long" out of slender length. Surprisingly, after catching a bus when shopping, center of gravity, fall is not light.
  •       He explained, platform shoes like the ability to make people perceive road deterioration and easier fall injuries, crush the stovepipe, the leg muscle strength is poor, prone to aches and sprains, prone to cause the calf muscles to form long-term wear piece, affect the appearance.
  •       He explained that when people wear thin soled heel landing, toes push off the ground is "down to earth", and platform shoes is easy to produce a part, and in the more rough road, this component is easy Wei feet, and if the ground friction is small, it will contribute to stomp feet sliding backwards, landing feet slide forward, causing splits wrestling. Furthermore platform shoes may also lead to leg, knee joint overuse injury, or even foot deformities and other problems.
  •        Experts suggest that when buying shoes do not exceed 5 cm, select slightly soft thin soles, if it is to wear platform shoes, can be equipped with double padded, so step down feet, soft soles will be deformed, so that the feet of the subject force way to change, to reduce the discomfort with thick
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