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Injection EVA Midsole

This jogging shoe uses an injection molded EVA shoe midsole with rubber part inserts.  This unit is very light, very flexible but will wear quickly.  The Injection molded tooling has a high production rate but the molds are over $3,000 per sizes and requires an expensive machine.  The compression EVA tooling is half the price and can be made in the most basic pressing room. This sole unit requires an EVA injection mold and rubber compression mold.

 The Injected midsole has a thicker, smoother skin than compression molded EVA midsole.  The Injected EVA midsole has a more uniform density and better detail definition than the compression molded EVA. 

This some information about injection eva midsole, if you want to know more about injection eva sole, please contact DOSSOLE for more

-some content quoted from sneaker factory

Thursday, 14 April 2016 01:08

3 ways to regconize rubber sneaker outsole

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When we deside to buy a pair of sneaker, usually style and design should be our first consideration , and often overlook the outsole, but actualy outsole contains a lot of secrets . 


Men's shoes stylist told us,  when a man choosing his shoes, the most important thing is to see if it can meet the needs of the use. If he want to buy a pair of sneaker, they need to see if the sole can adapt to the demand. When in the movement, no matter what kind of the form is, the perfect matching sneaker have a common point increasing friction, reducing chances to slip, supporting your feet, protecting your feet from accident, and Protecting the joints. 



Under normal circumstances, the running shoes are lighter than walking shoes, have better damping function, so as to effectively protect the bones and joints; Tennis, volleyball and basketball needs  lateral movement and hurtling, therefore, the thickness, grinding good shoes is preferred; If you are a golf, cycling, football, football and baseball fans,you'd best prepare a pair of  pro shoes. Select whether the shoes fit is the primary factor, usually damping performance good shoes can slow the impact of external forces on foot; Under normal operation of permeability is strong shoes can make the feet sweat evaporate rapidly, reduce the risk of foot bacterial and fungal infection. Leisure shoes outsole surface should be larger ,because it can make, like runners ,safer at night.



When buying shoes, foot type should also be considered. With flat bow, should choose a pair of hard help, after support strong shoes; High arches, should choose strong shock, the stability of the heel shoes, often movement is more you want to choose the shoes sole non-slip shockproof function. 

As a fourth generation following the rubber sole material, PVC, SBS after, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) has better flexibility, abrasion resistance, tear resistance and flexibility, a variety of demanding special shoes such as One of the preferred material sole soccer shoes, skate shoes, hiking shoes and the like.

Currently the material used for the production of sports shoes soles mainly PVC, PU, ​​EVE and TPU, which TPU due to outstanding performance and environmentally friendly concept, began to emerge. PVC prices low, but the temperature is low hardens easily fracture, high temperature Shiyou variable soft, and there is medical research shows that PVC will release harmful dioxins, the advanced countries such as NIKE major sporting goods manufacturers, have been gradually replace PVC with TPU and other materials;

PU material light weight, good heat resistance, abrasion resistance, long life, the price is low, but the high cost of investment project (machinery, molds and raw materials), finished it difficult to re-use ; EVE flexibility, good elasticity, excellent chemical resistance and color performance, but the production process is relatively complex, the use of limited range in the high-end athletic shoes. The TPU has strong wear resistance, tensile strength and elongation at break, good weather resistance, etc., although the presence of hardness, weight and price inadequate, but the whole, TPU application market more widely.

Friday, 09 May 2014 03:14

Special offer cork soles

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  cork woods shoe soles dosole China-outsole pic

What's the material of Wooden Shoe soles?

After many trees stripped of bark, due to the cutting off of the supply of water and nutrients, will soon be dead. However, there is a tree, is not afraid of peeling, which is Fagaceae deciduous or evergreen tree Quercus. What is cork? cork, because soft and elastic solid commonly known as cork. Strictly speaking, not the wood , it iscork oak or cork oak bark. Cork oak tree, or Quercus oak tree is often called, is one of the oldest extant species in the world, dating back about 6,000 years old.




Can you tell me what the price of it?

For slipper ,sandals, or other leisure shoes.

What's the minimum quantity?

This is DOSOLE 's brand new outsole series , though, we want to test it in the market , so we set it a low price from 0.95-1.2 USD per pair.

no less than 3000 pairs, but also no more than  6000 pairs per company, sorry for this. 

What's the style it maybe for?




What is Phylon sole
        In China, we call Phylon sole a different name which is MD sole, or technically call it "Twice Foam EVA sole". Dosole has many soles in Phylon material , if you have our catalog you can find article number marked with "MD" then it is the Phylon material ,just like the picture right of you.It is usualy used in midsole of jogging shoe,running shoe,athletic shoe or sandals.

        Now ,let us introdue what is the phylon sole on earth, Phylon material biggest features are lightweight, flexible, and has good cushioning, Phylon foam is called  Twice Foam EVA material ,EVA sole is also very light soft and comfortble , but the performance and flexibility in terms of cushioning far smaller than Phylon sole, and the cost is much lower than Phylon, we all know that EVA sole is known as "Once Foam",so that is the difference and the reason they attribute the same, but different names as well different performances.

Manufacture method of Phylon sole 
        How to produce Twice Foam EVA(Phylon sole),as its name shows,Twice Foam EVA actually has the same raw material as EVA sole ,for Phylon(or MD) we make EVA foamed twice.
       When producing Phylon(MD) sole, plastic particles are heated twice then poured into the model to be pressurized and cooled finally you get what shape you want. That is why we  call it Twice Foam sole and thi is the way of making Phylon sole or MD sole . Phylon's softness is controlled by temperature,when can adjust the temperature when in heating process, the higher the temperature it is, the the greater density phylon it will , and the harder it will be. 
        On the contrary,the lower temperature in heating the more soft phylon it is, so , we can not judge one pair of Phylon sole good or not just by softness or hardness.

Disadvantages of Phylon sole
 Every coin has two sides,eventhough  the Phylon sole has so many strong points, but it has also a  bad side .It is not environmentally friendly ,because it is resistant to degradation.

Finnaly , I hope the information above helped you better understand the Phylon Outsole a bit .

Dosole - Your Ideal Outsole Supplier

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 08:14

What outsoles should be wored when driving

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What outsoles should be wored when driving

slippery brakes when wearing high heels

  •      Experimental procedure: Reporters found driving car driving, the heel is easy to get stuck throttle, brake pedal, and sometimes by feet hobbled, calf feels tight and there is a sense of soreness. In addition, because of the small size heel shoes, stepping side to side foot brake pedal, easy to slip, the brake force is difficult to control. Reporters found that the emergency brake, the heel is also easily stuck in the next step on the brake pedal is not in the end, resulting in brake not working.
    Experiment Conclusion: wear high heels to drive, control the brake without the focal point, the higher the heel, the less force on the brakes, emergency situation the driver will feel powerless, brakes are not in the end.
  •      Usually walk heel wedges comfortable than a single, but into the cab, because the front and rear with height, back and forth between the brake and throttle move inconvenient, can not grasp the intensity. Men's snow boots also exist such problems, reporters measuring one pair of men's snow boots 42 yards found the forefoot width is 12cm, and the small car brake pedal with the right spacing of about 13cm around the body, it is easy to get stuck.
    Many female students winter school car, will choose the warm and good snow boots or high boots, she always drove repeatedly stressed the importance of wearing flat shoes. Too hard or too thick soles of shoes to wear while driving is not recommended because of the lack of foot feeling when driving, the driver can not correctly determine the degree of control of the car.
  •         If it is from the perspective of warmth, it is recommended to wear snow boots, platform shoes women driving in the car to prepare a pair of shoes fit, so both warm and guarantee safe driving. In addition, the driver should pay attention to their soles, soles once there is snow or ice to be removed immediately, otherwise the brakes, easy to mistakenly stepped on the accelerator, the consequences could be disastrous.

Sole is too hard or too thick to wear is not recommended to drive

There is snow or ice on the sole to immediately clear

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 08:13

Flat shoes with thin outsole-girls' favorates

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Doll Shoes with thin outsole

  •         Not just high heels, many seemingly safe shoes also hurt the foot, such as popular among female office worker  (flat shoes).
         Observed female office workers, you will find people who wear high heels now less than expected, replaced by sections like Bodi like ballet shoes flat shoes. But flat shoes are not selected will hurt feet.
         flat shoes thin soles main problem is there is no "in the end", so less shock-absorbing shoes should function sometimes equivalent to walking barefoot on the ground. Many women take a long time to begin heel pain; Some people walking posture problems, to sole, also appear forefoot pain, plantar fasciitis will produce long-term. Diagnosis must see patients walking posture, will know where the problem, not just a temporary solution.
         In addition, many cheap shoes material is very hard, not long started wearing frayed heel, instep, etc., every step will tear it. Some women will carefully observe paste a heel OK stretched, will be the last blisters or abnormal proliferation. This is because the flat shoes shallow mouth, no instep strap to help fixed foot, heel kept rubbing up and down, more prone to this condition.
         In addition to the heel, the foot of each person is different, some people compare the bones protruding, narrow lasts doll wear shoes or high heels, toe joints easy to grind dolphin calluses.
         Some people rely on arch supports or insoles to relieve foot pain. But with little effect, because the coating is not high enough heel so thick insoles, heel but easy to run out; Some hurts because of foot structure, especially the front foot rotation, load-bearing arch collapse caused, if coupled with adequate bow cushions, so hold up the arch, but pull into the plantar fascia, the pain worse.
         Therefore, select "flat shoes", the end can not be too thin, choose a low heel shoes with thick or better; vamps can also try to find the shoes forefoot cladding; insoles not mess plus-gap first for double shoes, if persistent pain, go first to the doctor to understand the main cause of his sore foot, look at doctor did not recommend to buy insoles. Experts suggest that the best Bodi flat shoes slippers to wear when the room is like, if go out for a long time, it is best discarded flat shoes.
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 04:14

What's Milk Out sole a new fashion outsole

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What's Milk Outsole-a new fashion outsole

  •        "Milk Outsole" made from 100% natural rubber produced. This natural rubber is produced from tropical rainforest clover gum juice, since the acquisition of mimicking natural latex milk, so we will use this image of the sole of latex production called "milk outsole."
  •         Every clover gum produces only 50 grams of natural latex each day. To protect the health of the treasured species reproduction, the need for the collection of rubber on the ecological environment and follow the principle of the protection of the natural environment. Meanwhile in the traditional way to produce natural, that the use of low pressure manual mold, so natural rubber latex into a liquid flow in the mold forming, for each pair of shoes takes 7 days to complete, global production capacity limited one million pairs per year, while can produce the shoes of the brand is not much.
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 04:13

Thicken sole and Anti-scald

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2013 more sultry summer than in previous years, high temperature unbearably hot, busy in Shanghai Wing Lok Road, Guyang road, even the car refused to stay in the sun for more than one second, and galloped off. At this intersection, there is a policeman, the sweat from his face shed with impunity, had soaked his clothes, but he is still strong in the pedestrian shunned the blazing hot sun, constantly turning, whistle and orderly command passing vehicles and pedestrians. He is Songjiang Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment a squadron of police Ronin. At 16:30 on August 13, the evening peak is coming. Wing Lok Road, Songjiang District, Valley Rd intersection, Ronin standing on the stage on duty directing traffic. Duty station because there is no shelter, he fully exposure to the sun, the back of the clothes were soaked in sweat, his face sweat drops straight to the ground, but he still kept upright stance and norms gestures. Under his command, the vehicle quickly and in an orderly manner through the intersection.
         Provisions of the daily work of traffic police as "peak site, flat peak Paopian", the peak is required to stand for half an hour continuous, flat peak time is only 15-minute break every hour. Summer Surface burning, prolonged standing, separated soles soles still feel hot. Ronin and colleagues to buy a specialized shoes with thick soles, insoles also two layers of mat. "Platform shoes + double insole" But Luo police officers original, hot sun baking the road surface, but is on the road traffic police on duty, out of work responsibility and perseverance, Luo thought of this "small coup sunstroke . "
             In the city of Shanghai, the traffic police have to protect the urban traffic flow hard work has touched many people. "Liege police" - citizens so affectionately called the old law, but also to add more police Luo go all out to ensure smooth Paidu work force.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 04:08

What's Integral Sole

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Integral Sole

  •         (1) integral EVA soles most common foam molding soles, soles costs at the end of this, and slip resistance and poor, is like water stains soles put on roller skates same. REEBOK is this a 3D soles sole EVA foam molding best "spokesperson."
            (2) PU whole sole: ADI and NIKE used this time is not a lot of sole, PU sole is molded soles are low. PU at the end is characterized by light, but not wet, getting water after a chemical reaction layers of eroded. 
             (3) Pure rubber soles: pure rubber soles for outdoor climbing shoes, or work shoes, electrician shoes. Throughout the whole letter soles of rubber composition, the advantage of wear non-slip, the disadvantage is too much weight. I work shoes are generally used for this sole, also known as insulated soles.
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