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Speaking of nike, we are most familiar must be a cushion. All along, nike air cushion technology has been configured in the main kinds of sports shoes, basketball shoes cushion from the first pair of Air Force 1 to the famous Air Jordan series, all kinds of various types of air cushion technology for many consumers get confused rush. nike air main types are:
Air-sole: basic cushion is usually built, after few palm window. Length of the whole palm, 3/4 length, the first half of the palm, palm and other half, the first 11 generations without exception, are Series AJ this phase technique. Timeless air cushion technology, it is still used in the development of new low-end sports shoes engraved shoe.
Air max: it means more pressure, more air cushion foot window, the structure substantially similar to the Air-sole, similar principle, after the whole palm or palm mostly. Generally foot feeling more rigid, more sedate until air max 180,360 technology have matured in recent years after the transition. Derivatives include air air max 180, air max 360, etc., using the latest Lebron X zoom max window air cushion, the specific details needed to try to be objective.
Zoom: personally I think that is definitely nike air leader in the family, from the weight of the foot feeling very superior, common with the whole palm, heel, heel thickened, after the palm mahjong shaped, fan-shaped forefoot forefoot goose type and so on. Principle zoom air cushion and sole and max is not the same as adding a layer zoom in elastic fibers, not supporting role, but stretched state, to maintain the shape of a uniform air cushion quickly give your feet when force damping and feedback, zoom air cushion common in high-end sports shoes, nike style, even its lightweight characteristics to be used in soccer shoes cushioning on. Derivatives include starting cage zoom, zoom max.

DOSOLE have our own air bag series outsole, if you are interrested in making your own air sole sneakers pleaes try us or click the picure right of you .

Injection EVA Midsole

This jogging shoe uses an injection molded EVA shoe midsole with rubber part inserts.  This unit is very light, very flexible but will wear quickly.  The Injection molded tooling has a high production rate but the molds are over $3,000 per sizes and requires an expensive machine.  The compression EVA tooling is half the price and can be made in the most basic pressing room. This sole unit requires an EVA injection mold and rubber compression mold.

 The Injected midsole has a thicker, smoother skin than compression molded EVA midsole.  The Injected EVA midsole has a more uniform density and better detail definition than the compression molded EVA. 

This some information about injection eva midsole, if you want to know more about injection eva sole, please contact DOSSOLE for more

-some content quoted from sneaker factory

Lets check out what maaterial does TOMS shoe made of first 

Actually , Toms shoe sole is made of EVA material , if you still do not know what EVA is , please check the link before http://dosole.com/index.php/articles/about-soles/item/5what-is-eva-out-soles-and-eva-material-features

However , Toms EVA sole is not injected sole, we need to produce the eva sheet with what pattern or thickness you need , then cut it into pieces with designed size. It sounds like making a cookie on weekends.
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3 ways to regconize rubber sneaker outsole

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When we deside to buy a pair of sneaker, usually style and design should be our first consideration , and often overlook the outsole, but actualy outsole contains a lot of secrets . 


Men's shoes stylist told us,  when a man choosing his shoes, the most important thing is to see if it can meet the needs of the use. If he want to buy a pair of sneaker, they need to see if the sole can adapt to the demand. When in the movement, no matter what kind of the form is, the perfect matching sneaker have a common point increasing friction, reducing chances to slip, supporting your feet, protecting your feet from accident, and Protecting the joints. 



Under normal circumstances, the running shoes are lighter than walking shoes, have better damping function, so as to effectively protect the bones and joints; Tennis, volleyball and basketball needs  lateral movement and hurtling, therefore, the thickness, grinding good shoes is preferred; If you are a golf, cycling, football, football and baseball fans,you'd best prepare a pair of  pro shoes. Select whether the shoes fit is the primary factor, usually damping performance good shoes can slow the impact of external forces on foot; Under normal operation of permeability is strong shoes can make the feet sweat evaporate rapidly, reduce the risk of foot bacterial and fungal infection. Leisure shoes outsole surface should be larger ,because it can make, like runners ,safer at night.



When buying shoes, foot type should also be considered. With flat bow, should choose a pair of hard help, after support strong shoes; High arches, should choose strong shock, the stability of the heel shoes, often movement is more you want to choose the shoes sole non-slip shockproof function. 

Surfing Shoe Soles Manufacturer Rafting Shoe Soles Supplier In Rubber Material.

ds surfing shoe soles rubber material1


Dosole supply you excellent quality of surfing shoe soles in rubber amd phylon material.

Size 35-46 #

Made in China

Colors : Two ~ Three

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 ~ 8000 pairs/ men size or women size



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TPU production and use

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TPU production and use

Traditional TPU products are accomplished through the reactor. Because of its complex process, an area of large, serious pollution, has gradually sheet screw extruder and replaced by a twin screw extruder. Synthesis of polyurethane in the extruder or by reactive extrusion production of polyurethane elastomers, these reactions are by step-growth polymerization reaction mechanism of.
The reaction was often based on a melt extruder or liquid feed, chemical reactants molar ratio between the opposite for the production of high molecular weight polymers is very important. In mainland China and Taiwan markets, TPU maximum amount that the shoe aspects injection molding, and the German BASF and China Taiwan's main priority was to produce and suppliers. Taiwan Ure which has five factories, which TPU capacity ranks first in Asia.
Prior to the company's main European markets, but fought in mainland China, the market share is gradually increasing. It is reported that China gifted ready within five years to build three TPU plant, making a total capacity of more than 50,000 metric tons in 2008, ranking first in the world.

As a fourth generation following the rubber sole material, PVC, SBS after, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) has better flexibility, abrasion resistance, tear resistance and flexibility, a variety of demanding special shoes such as One of the preferred material sole soccer shoes, skate shoes, hiking shoes and the like.

Currently the material used for the production of sports shoes soles mainly PVC, PU, ​​EVE and TPU, which TPU due to outstanding performance and environmentally friendly concept, began to emerge. PVC prices low, but the temperature is low hardens easily fracture, high temperature Shiyou variable soft, and there is medical research shows that PVC will release harmful dioxins, the advanced countries such as NIKE major sporting goods manufacturers, have been gradually replace PVC with TPU and other materials;

PU material light weight, good heat resistance, abrasion resistance, long life, the price is low, but the high cost of investment project (machinery, molds and raw materials), finished it difficult to re-use ; EVE flexibility, good elasticity, excellent chemical resistance and color performance, but the production process is relatively complex, the use of limited range in the high-end athletic shoes. The TPU has strong wear resistance, tensile strength and elongation at break, good weather resistance, etc., although the presence of hardness, weight and price inadequate, but the whole, TPU application market more widely.

      Soles mold factory due to face changes in free-form surfaces, shorter product life cycles, and improve the quality of other needs; and to be able to meet market demand, it is bound to be increased dramatically in the sole mold design and manufacturing technology.

      Sole complete solution - MOLD CAD / CAM system Soles mold 3D CAD / CAM technology is the core of footwear products, technical requirements and the degree of specialization is quite high, but the last CAD / CAM system has been unable to meet the development needs of MOLD mold manufacturing.

       In view of the CAD / CAM system suppliers in the past have been unable to break through to understand the layers of the footwear manufacturing process constraints, silver Network Technology committed to investing in this area and to "professional custom" as the goal, the relevant industry knowledge into CAD / CAM systems in in the development of complete solutions soles (Complete Shoe Sole Solution).

      The future of power is a strange one. Already we're starting to see ways of transmitting electricity like you would with Wi-Fi over the air and battery breakthroughs for longer life cells are happening regularly. But we're still a long way off from unlimited power everywhere – so what's coming next to keep us charged? Projects are beginning to become realities that harness how we move and what we wear to power our devices.

      We've collected the best of the bunch so you know what to buy or wait and save up for between now and the very near future. SolePower SolePower is exactly as the name suggests, a shoe sole that powers your devices as you walk.

      The idea is that you slip the SloePower into your shoe and as you walk it charges a battery that can juice up any gadget that needs it. So how far do you need to walk to charge your phone? In tests its creators say a 2.5-mile to 5-mile walk should fully charge your iPhone.

      And in case you thought all that would be rough on the device don't fret it's been tested to 100 million steps. Your shoes should wear out before SolePower does. To keep your mobile juiced just by moving about you'll need $100, which is about £64, for a Kickstarter order that ships this month. If you miss that you can pre-order from SolePower directly. XOO Belt A riddle for you: When do you carry something that carries you? When you're wearing a belt. Since the belt is already holding up your trousers why not use it to keep up the power on your phone too?

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T'LES came with sss light sole

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Last week, France T'LES released in spring 2015 shoes, beautiful and low-key and restrained color matching is the main theme of this season, and has a set of sports shoes feature comfort and elegance in one.

In recent years, in terms of research and comfortable to wear T'LES France has done a lot to keep the market a disruptive technology, recently T'LES research team has successfully launched the SSS ultra-lightweight soles, after following the cat bionic hand technology another masterpiece, and in the spring of 2015 in a full range of styles fit SSS ultra-light soles, feeling very kind.

Last week France T'LES released in spring 2015 shoes, beautiful and low-key and restrained color matching is the main theme of this season, and has a set of sports shoes feature comfort and elegance in one. In recent years, in terms of research and comfortable to wear T'LES France has done a lot to keep the market a disruptive technology, recently T'LES research team has successfully launched the SSS ultra-lightweight soles, after following the cat bionic hand technology another masterpiece, and in the spring of 2015 in a full range of styles fit SSS ultra-light soles, feeling very kind.


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